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Pan Di Stelle Spread gr.330

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Mulino Bianco
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Expired date 20 Feb 2021.

Span Di Stelle Cream, cocoa hazelnut spread, no palm oil, 100% Italian hazelnuts, Made in Italy, chocolate spread.

The Sweetest Dream Has Come True

Pan Di Stelle spread is a delightful blend of cocoa, hazelnuts and little pieces of Pan di Stelle cookies.
It is delicious on toast, fruit, yogurt, ice cream & so much more; a tablespoon of our delicious hazelnut chocolate spread can turn any special- or everyday- moment into something magical.

Pan di Stelle hazelnut chocolate spread is made with high quality ingredients such as 100% Italian Hazelnuts and without palm oil* or hydrogenated fats.

*Per company policy, this product is made without palm oil
Net weight: 11.6 oz - 330g
Made In Italy